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Why No Tasting Room?


Jesse and I believe in working hard and playing hard - living life to it’s fullest and enjoying the places, the people, and the flavors that this world has to offer. 



That said, we feel that our cider is enjoyed best on the patio after a hot day of working on the farm. Or our spirits enjoyed best in a hot toddy in front of the fire after a day of skiing. Or on the river, camping, on a mountain peak, anywhere really. But, they are always best enjoyed in a place you love to be. Life is meant to be lived and our flavors are meant to be enjoyed by you wherever, however you love living.

Safety also plays an important role in our choice to forgo a daily tasting room. Our facility sit a little ways from the hub and bub of the city. So, unless you live close by or brought a DD, drinking and driving is inevitable. We want to you have your beverage and drink it too, but we also want you to do it safely. 



We want our cider and spirits to be convenient for you to find, which is why we decided to bottle them and send them out to places that you already go. Find our ciders at your local grocery store and our spirits at the state liquor stores.

We do host occasional tastings and tours at our place so you can sample our products and purchase bottles to go. We post these dates on our Facebook Page at least a week in advance.

So, bring our cider and spirits on your adventures, whether that is on a mountaintop, down by the river, or as the sunsets from the comfort of your home. 

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