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Like Montana itself, FireRoot Spirits embodies adventure, simplicity and the beauty and bounty nature has to offer.  Nestled between the Sapphire and Bitterroot mountains we're able to produce some of the Northwest's finest spirits using JUST what nature gives us - nothing synthetic or processed, just PURE SPIRITS.


Using only natural and organic apples specifically from the Northwest, we create smooth, naturally gluten-free vodka & gin.  Just as potato vodka doesn't taste like potatoes, our vodka and gin do not taste like an "apple flavored" spirit, rather there is a subtle essence of apple on the finish.

Apple Jack and Apple Jill, on the other hand, have a wonderfully fruity and intentional smooth apple flavor.  Also made from 100% NorthWest natural and organic apples, they are also gluten-free and PURE MONTANA SPIRIT.

Made in Montana

We use a traditional copper still while adding modern capabilities to produce  Apple Jack, AppleJill, Gin and Vodka - all from natural and organically grown apples ~ a truly gluten-free & pure spirit base.


Coming Soon:

Barrel-Aged Bourbon with state of the art sonication.  

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